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Nasturtium Flowers – Patient Spider!

Just one of those regular sort of days, wandering around the garden and not looking for anything in particular.

I am fond of the Nasturtium growing in Plot 1 –  Lovely cherry red flowers all Spring and Summer, great for reducing weed growth, and a magnet for aphids and other nasties that would otherwise be eating my vegetable plants.

So just another photo….

red flower of the Nasturtium

I only saw this spider once the photo was sitting on the computer. I wonder how long he’d sat there, waiting for something interesting to come along…

spider waits on a flower

A good reminder that a healthy garden is one that is shared with many creatures, no one more than the other.

Cheers to another 6 months of Nasturtiums in flower 🙂

A red flower

What do you find hiding in the garden?
+Shane Genziuk

14 thoughts on “Nasturtium Flowers – Patient Spider!

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    • Hi Donald – I had a look here to a site about Orb spider and think you are correct. Yes they are a great spider to have in the garden, and a sign of a healthy environment.
      Thanks for stopping by to see the Nasturtiums!


  2. I use nasturtium flowers as an herb on pizza and I don’t know how many times I came across a daddy-long-leg spider just chillin inside a flower I was about to pick. I guess the odd shape of the flower makes for a good hideout to try and catch those awful aphids and other critters. I just love nasturtiums and wish I could grow them year-round but there’s just not enough warmth or sunlight here in PA for them to really thrive, even indoors.


    • As a herb on Pizza! Sounds like something to try myself, as there are plenty of nasturtiums around the garden right now. I have the same problem with the climate – too cold in Winter to get anything out of them, and lucky if they survive a prolonged cold period.


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