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Collecting Coffee Grounds – Presentation

Start Collecting Coffee Grounds at the Office!

I have assembled a few presentation slides in my time and only recently sat down to make one on the fine art of used coffee grounds collecting. If you have ever thought about collecting used coffee rather than tossing it, here it is.

My experience has shown that the most difficult part about collecting coffee grounds from the office is getting it started. Once you have some of your fellow gardening colleagues on board and a process in place, it’s all good.

These slides are intended to be shown to those that want to collect and to those that will allow that to happen, and it is intended to be used as a part of the series of posts for collecting coffee from the office. There are some options to download the slides into PDF and Powerpoint, or just do it straight from Google Docs.

As always, drop me a comment or email if you need a hand –  anything that helps get you guys making use of this fabulous resource.

Are you already collecting from the office? Share your tips to help others.

10 thoughts on “Collecting Coffee Grounds – Presentation

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    • Great to see you again Ross. Best of luck with using the presentation at work and hope it helps get you guys doing the coffee grounds collection thing shortly. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.


  2. Hi Shane. We are collecting approx 50 kilograms of coffee grounds every week but not enough people are collecting because i think of winter. Any ideas how we can get more help over the cold months?


  3. The team loved it and are now onboard!! I printed some of the ground to ground logos out to stick onto the coffee machines. A huge thankyou 🙂


  4. Great preso! Is there going to be a charge with using this? Might be hard to do if there is cost. I could collect coffee grounds myself without all the fuss anyway so hoping there is no charge somewhere? Otherwise happy to get involved with ground to ground.


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