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In a previous post about how AXA man Jonathan Mackley was collecting coffee grounds for gardening, time for an update. As part of the series in finding out more about the good people that collect coffee grounds, AKA – Coffee Grounders, we are going to have a quick look at where he is storing the grounds.

In a very short time, there will responses to some questions that I asked Jonathan about his gardening and recycling coffee grounds effort.

Here we have the bin where the coffee grounds are stored. And notice the Ground to Ground logo on the bin, just lovely! I’ve actually had a number of hits on the site from people searching for coffee logo, seems like a good one to me so welcome 🙂

Bin used for collecting and storing coffee grounds

And what would it all be without the Ground to Ground Brochure, sitting nicely above the espresso machine.

The ground to ground brochure explains what collecting coffee grounds is all about

Great work with those used coffee grounds (UCG).


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4 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds

  1. I’m currently collecting spent grounds from around my neighborhood which I intend to repackage and sell in my “starting on a shoe string” self reliance and sustainable living business. I thought it would be a great way to introduce new people to the whole idea of reusing grounds while (hopefully) bringing in much needed revenue for my business while we try to survive through the early months 🙂 I have bags and bags of wet sloppy grounds that I am afraid will get moldy before I can do anything with them! How are people handling this if grounds aren’t used right away? How can I dry this pile of grounds? or should I bag and freeze them? Any suggestions would be appreciated!


    • Hi Lee, great to hear from you. There are a few ways to dry coffee grounds, and you will find that previous post of mine helpful.
      The question about how to dry the grounds might be different for you than it is for me, because I am in Australia and by the looks of things you are in NY? – And it is Winter for you.

      Now if you were going to add the grounds into compost, then having them moldy is just fine, but not if you want to sell them. Maybe you could freeze them, but then they will go moldy quicker when you take them out.

      Check out the link I’ve left you, and let me know where you are and how much coffee you actually have.



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