Coffee Grounds in the garden

The Top 5 Uses for Spent Coffee Grounds on Make the List

I’ve recently had an article posted on an interesting website that makes a list of everything!  – Make the list. The article looks at the top 5 uses for spent coffee grounds in the garden, which is as a fertilizer, for composting, as a natural pest repellent, an earthworm attractor, and as a general soil … Continue reading

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Coffee Grounds in the garden

Composting with Coffee Grounds – Video

Coffee Grounds Help With Composting Another opportunity to record some of the things I’ve been doing with composting coffee grounds over the Australian Summer. By mixing coffee grounds, lawn clippings, kitchen scraps, rainwater, leaves, cardboard and shredded paper, I am achieving compost temperatures in the range of 65 Celsius (150 Fahrenheit). At those temperatures I … Continue reading